Traveling home from a magical vacation out west and I’ve had a lot of time to think on the 13 hour trek from Colorado to Missouri! As I was thinking about the beautiful sites that I witnessed on this trip I started thinking about how these wonders of nature relate back to boudoir photos! Probably sounds like a stretch but if you think about it, it really does make sense! Everything is beautiful in its own way. The things I loved about the trip other members of my group didn’t find so beautiful. And that’s ok! We all have our own interpretation of what beauty is and there is no right or wrong when it comes to the definition of beautiful. The elements of nature are reminiscent of the beauty of boudoir photography. Mountains are rugged and rough yet equally as gorgeous as the free flowing crystal clear waters of the streams and rivers. As women, we often feel like we don’t live up to the ridiculous societal standards of “beauty”. If we could just see, as in nature, that beauty comes in many different forms, maybe we could accept that we are indeed beautiful as well. One of the most rewarding things about boudoir photography is the power it has to make every single woman feel as beautiful as they truly are regardless of what we consider flaws or imperfections. The mountains aren’t any less beautiful with their jagged and sharp edges and neither should we as women feel any less beautiful because of our imperfections. A boudoir shoot is the perfect opportunity to embrace those imperfections and love ourselves as we are! During this vacation we tried something new and rented a side by side for the day. One of the trails we chose took us to the top of Cedar mountain in Cody Wyoming. Standing at the bottom of the mountain, it seemed daunting and insurmountable. However, we started the journey to the top. Along the way there were several moments where we questioned if we should continue. The trail was very narrow in many spots with no guardrails to protect from the steep drop offs on the side. Despite the fear and nervousness, we continued on and made it to the top. The result was one of the most gorgeous views and the feeling of conquering our fears only made the view that much sweeter. The feeling is very similar to the weeks and days leading up to a boudoir session. Feelings of fear and nervousness will most likely arise as your session approaches! But the end result of your gorgeous photographs and soaring self esteem are so worth it! So what are you waiting for? Climb that mountain, conquer it, and show the world (and yourself) just how beautiful you are!

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