Is this going to be your year you invest in yourself?

In unprecedented times, it’s not an easy task to make order out of the chaos of our daily life encounters. Everyone, in one way or another, has graveled with unknown and unforeseen challenges in the last seven months. You may have asked yourself: Will I be able to afford rent? Am I viewed as your equal? Will we make it past these ever-changing tides?

Yet, have you actually sat down with yourself and asked if you will invest in your own worth? Will you put time into your happiness? The world has always been changing. Right now, we may feel it and sense these shifts more often than usual. You have every right to listen to your body and mind to find resolutions. There may be a lot of nasty things floating in the air we breathe, but I ask you to step outside and breathe fresher air. Breathe in the changes you have personally been growing into. We cannot grow if we do not water ourselves and change the environmental air around us. We must flow through these changes personally, but knowingly not alone.

Jillian Kronvall SBB VIXEN