-What kind of session would u suggest for someone xxxxx or xxxxxxx or xxxxx or xxxxx.

We don’t have different sessions for different body types. We address any concerns with poses, wardrobe, lighting and angles the same as every session. As a boudoir photographer our job is to make you fall in love with yourself the way you are. If you don’t like an area we have several options to accommodate that. We have a lot of outfits you’re welcome to use in our studio or we can send you a lingerie guide to help picking out lingerie. Basically we do everything with posing, wardrobe, angles and lighting. We DO NOT use photoshop in our studio.

-How do you take away the awkward moments, or make your clients feel so comfortable?

Honestly, it’s hard to put into words. I truly believe what we do changes lives so it comes naturally. Every client is different so I can’t say any specific thing other than being genuine. It also helps being a big kid at heart. I have no problem making fun of myself to make someone laugh. If my humor doesn’t work just wait until I start demonstrating the poses. Boudoir is all about getting beautiful timeless photos BUT you’ve gotta have fun doing it. If you don’t laugh at your session we failed.

This group is full of previous clients, one answered this question from the customers perspective

The good news is that once you get into it, bearing all, it can not get any worse lol. I am kidding, from the second that you walk in they talk to you about things that you are and are not comfortable with, and stick to it. They both go upstairs or to the other section of the room when you change and always tell you to only do what you are comfortable with! Not only do this photography couple make you know that you are 100% in control of the shoot, they will instruct you and demonstrate the poses!

-Can my boudoir session be at another location or does it have to be at your studio?

A boudoir shoot is all about you. We love shooting in different locations so no it does not have to be in the studio. When shooting somewhere other than the studio a number of facts come into play (some locations are not possible). If you have an idea we would love to hear it. We will do everything possible to make it work.

-Who sees my photos?

This is such an amazing & rewarding job that we love. What some may not know is any photo shared we have permission to share. Majority of the time the amazing moments captured are never seen by the public. They are only seen by that special someone or they are only seen by you. We love that about this job. We help create private moments for people to cherish. To us that is worth more than anything else.

-I don’t know how to pose, or I have no clue what I’m doing.

99.9% of our clients tell us this. We are the experts; we walk you through every pose and even demonstrate a few of them. Hollywood’s version of a photo shoot we’ve all seen in movies is ridiculous. We don’t tell you to look sexy, shoot 100 photos in 10 seconds or end a session after 10 minutes. Real-life is nothing like that. We take time posing you (you will hear us say pop that hip or arch your back 200 times), getting the perfect expression and making sure you look your best. We’re all about quality over quantity.

BTW: A good rule of thumb is the more the pose hurts the better it will look.

-Do you photoshop my photos?

We do not photoshop any of our photos. A boudoir shoot is about celebrating your natural beauty. Not only will you feel amazing throughout this entire process when you see the photos you will forget about photoshop. We do use lightroom for color correction and skin smoothing

-Is a boudoir shoot right for me?

Yes!!!! If you’re looking for a fun, safe, sexy, empowering way to celebrate yourself it’s right for you.

-Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Poplar Bluff. We don’t just shoot in the studio we also shoot on location, Airbnb or just about anywhere else. We travel to St Louis frequently for sessions as well.