Before your session I want you to find your happy place. You will be spending a lot of time there during your session. Don't stress if you can't perfect facial expressions before your session. We will guide you through everything during your session.

In these two photos on the left she is not in her happy place. The photo on the right taken 5 seconds later shows she's in her happy place. The slightest things can make the biggest impact. Don't be afraid to practice taking selfies with different expressions.

Breath in through your nose. Slowly exhale through your mouth with your lips slightly separated. We want to make sure we don't have duck lips when exhaling.

Head down with your chin out. You will feel like a chicken but I promise it looks great in the photos

Soft eyes. The best way to describe soft eyes is to physically relax your eye. Instead of focusing on one thing, you allow that thing to be at the center of your gaze.

Smize. You had to know this was going to be on the list. Everyone has a different way of achieving that perfect smize. We recommend clients smile really big and wide. With your face staying the same slowly start to relax your mouth. This will help you achieve the perfect smize.

That fierce eat shit & die look. Channel that inner devious side to achieve this look.

Close your eyes slowly opening them to look through me.

Slowly draw out the vowels of the alphabet

A few additional tips & tricks

Don't clinch your jaw

Do push your tongue against the roof of your mouth

Bite your lip

Relax your forehead

Toss your hair then use your fingers to brush if out of your face

Practice soft fingers

Trace your lips with your finger

Here's a good short tutorial for expressions

I'm always available if you have any questions.